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Alternative Solutions of Campbell

Who Is Alternative Solutions?

Alternative Solutions, Inc. was started by Shaz N. Shaz has always had a passion for cars since his youth. In his younger years he had a passion for the import car scene, which eventually opened him up to the world of street racing. During the import car scene, Shaz developed relationships with several street racing teams and members. Some of the friends Shaz met during this time ended up becoming some of his closest friends to this day. Many of them have gone on to build well-known import racing businesses that have even been featured in top magazines. 

After a few years, Shaz began helping his American muscle car buddies build their hot rods in the evenings. It was only a few years later, at Hot August Nights, Shaz had an opportunity to drive his friends 1965 Chevy Malibu, with a Dart 454 Big Block, a huge nasty cam, and Nitrous. It was then that Shaz began along his newest journey into American Muscle, and the world of Diesel Performance. From PSCA racing, to the Fastest Street Car Shoot Out, Shaz found himself in the midst of some of the most talented Fabricators, Chassis, Engine Builders, and Machinists. This is when he began his apprenticeship under several friends with a vast knowledge of cutting edge technology in the drag racing world. 
Shortly thereafter, Shaz decided to open his own shop in Milpitas, CA where he did motor swaps and diesel maintenance. Shaz quickly found that there were not many mechanics that had a good understanding of Volkswagen TDI’s. With his vast knowledge of everything automotive, he decided to turn his focus to Volkswagen TDI’s. From some friends in Berkley, CA, Shaz learned how to make biodiesel. While making biodiesel, he learned that there was demand for containers to store fuel. From his studies at CSUMB, Shaz acquired multiple business connections, which led to the beginning of his container business, which started at his shop in Milpitas.
In 2013, Shaz embarked on his newest venture. He joined an Off-Road Racing Team, in which he was in a Class 16 Race Car. Shaz and his Off-Road Racing Team participated in the Baja 1000 in November 2013. His team was successfully able to finish the 36-hour long, grueling race. This is one of the hardest things Shaz has ever completed, but can’t wait to do it again.

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